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Our History
  • Our service offering includes more than just ongoing network maintenance.
  • We use our expertise and knowledge about your business operations to offer unparalleled product advice when expansion or upgrades are needed.
  • When we make recommendations, we make sure that the technologies used will be right for the application, and protect our customer.
  • We keep them from installing something that will be obsolete right away, and we protect them from over-buying technology they do not need.
Our Progress
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  • Also, installation of telephone and remote systems is a core part of our business.We can also design and install the wiring infrastructure needed to bring any facility up to needed technical capabilities.We also can create custom solutions, including but not limited to attractive web sites and custom programs for clients.
  • We design easy to use software that the customer can use on their own – we keep the technical difficulties out of the customer’s way. Our programs range from small, simple designs and scale up to database-enabled sites with real-time data displays.
  • Our specialty lies in talking with the customer in non-technical ways. We truly are a turnkey technology services company and we have the experience to support a wide variety of customers. As we celebrate our 23rd year in business, we look forward to growing our customer base while maintaining the high level of customer satisfaction that we have offered since inception.Put our experience to work for you and maximize your technology investments.
  • We provide computer network services and outsourced IT support in Livonia, Farmington Hills, Dearborn Heights and the Detroit metro area including Ann Arbor. Large and small businesses that need assistance with IT solutions including business VOIP service & phone systems can get solutions to setup, fix and maintain your computer, network and communications systems.
  • This allows you to focus your internal efforts on your core business, instead of your office equipment. Our office can handle everything in today’s technical office world, from dial tone, internet service, data backup, to servers, routers, Microsoft Office 365 migration support and PC administration. We also handle all mobile connectivity.
  • We service all types of companies, from start-up to enterprises with our professional technical services. We are the help you need: networks today are like automobiles, and you need a good mechanic you can count on to bring you good ideas and keep things running smoothly.