Problem: A customer comes in after a holiday weekend to a computer that won’t turn on. She calls up the Computer Specialist support desk and I do some basic troubleshooting only to find that the PC just won’t turn on. I suggested that she send us the PC, since it was well out of warranty and located in another state.

Solution: The PC showed up on a Wednesday and I put it on our work bench for diagnosis. I confirmed a failed power supply, and happened to have an identical power supply that could directly replace the older one. I swapped them out, put the case back together, and while I had it in my possession, I scanned it for malware and viruses all while making sure the woman had a current backup. We boxed up the PC, with various additions that made it better, and sent it back to the customer with a less than 24 hours turn-around. Computer Specialist can help with all kinds of PC and network issues, we can take the hassle and stress out of your everyday PC issues.