Problem: I think we have all had our names spelled wrong, sometimes we notice it immediately, other times it takes a few days or even weeks. Whether it be human error, or after you’re married, name changes happen. I received the amazing news that one of our clients had gotten married. In the midst of congratulating her, I asked what her new last name was and began the process of updating the system to the user’s new last name. I wanted the change to affect the user’s login and email address, however I also wanted people who did not know the user’s new last name to still be able to get in touch with her.

Solution: First, I logged into the exchange server. Once logged in, I opened the active directory and found the user. I then edited the user’s display name and username. The last step was the user’s email: I opened exchange management, found the user, and opened her email properties. After, I added the user’s new email address, setting it as the reply and left the user’s old email address in the system. Name change doesn’t have to tricky, just done correctly; Computer Specialist will do it correctly for you.